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Monday, April 26, 2010

Choosing The Right Heater

Correct positioning or installation of a heater is what makes it the right heater for a given space. Heaters can be divided into various categories on many bases like fuel type, brand name, energy efficiency, heat output, range and more. However, one easy way to pick the right heater is to have a knowledge of the space for which you need the heater. It is as much essential as the knowledge of the heater itself. If you are already familiar with the space, choosing a heater becomes much easier. Keeping this in mind, Heater-Store.com has dedicated a page to help you to choose the right heater. Here, heaters are categorized according to the type of room they are suited for. The categories are: living room heaters, bedroom heaters, bathroom heaters, garage heaters, patio heaters and commercial heaters.

Living room heaters can make the most comfortable room in your house even more comfortable! Indoor fireplaces, infrared radiant heaters, portable living room heaters and baseboard heaters come under this category.

Bedroom heaters give you a refreshing and relaxing warm sleep every night. Pick from a wide range of electric bedroom heaters, ceramic bedroom heaters, infrared bedroom heaters, baseboard heaters and indoor fireplaces.

Bathroom heaters are perfect for topping off a great bathroom. They can make a big difference between comfort and cold, before and after baths. Browse our collection including tankless water heaters, towel warmers, wall mounted heaters, bathroom fan heaters and more.

Garage heaters can turn your garage space into a comfortable workshop in cold weathers. Garage heaters, garage convection heaters and infrared garage heaters are best suited for garages.

Patio heaters will transform your patio or backyard into a great place to be at night or during cold months with family or guests. You can choose from patio heaters, outdoor fire places, chimenea fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, tiki torches, table torches, etc.

Office heaters will make you never want to leave your desk! Our office heaters include under desk leg warmers, heating mats, foot warmers and more.

Commercial heaters are used for big heating jobs where a large area needs to be kept warm. For example, construction site, large warehouses, etc. This category includes commercial heaters, commercial convection heaters, commercial forced air heaters, commercial water heaters and more.
All these and in addition, highest quality accessories for most of the products are available at best deals.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tankless Water Heater Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor for maintaining acceptable indoor air quality in a building. It is important because it replaces the air in any room or space to control the temperature or remove moisture, heat, dust, odors, smoke, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide or replenish oxygen. It may either exchange air to the outside or circulate the air within the building or both. It prevents stagnation of air inside a building and removes excessive moisture or unpleasant odors and more. There are generally two methods of ventilation. Mechanical or forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Mechanical ventilation uses a mechanical source to direct air from the outside into an interior space while natural ventilation involves the use of any available force such as wind or pressure.

Some household appliances need ventilation such as tankless water heaters. The excess temperature generated by tankless heaters need to be replaced in order to maintain a favorable room temperature and to optimize the performance of the heater. Bosch manufactures high quality tankless water heaters and offers a wide range of venting and accessories too. Made of the highest quality materials, Bosch's venting kits ensure full safety while venting your water heater. These units are made keeping in mind users' safety, convenience and ease of usage – especially kits like the power vent and horizontal vent kits. As mentioned, these kits come in a very wide selection to meet all your needs. Universal adapters, weather caps, supports, termination hoods, starters, condensation drains, gear clamps, wall thimbles, sealants and isolation valves are some examples of the overall collection of kits for Bosch tankless water heaters and more that are available at Heater-store.com.

Bosch AQ4, Powervent Kit, comes with built-in freeze protection for 1600P and 1600H model tankless water heaters. It includes a spillage switch kit, vent hood kit, vibration mount packet, gas pressure switch packet and power vent kit along with different accessories like cables, nuts, washers, clips, etc. It is designed to provide full safety to the user. Follow the step by step installation procedure of the product. More details about tankless water heater ventilation can be found at the Bosch venting and accessories page of the site. In addition you can also get assistance in buying the appropriate venting accessories for your already installed units or while selecting a new hot water heater.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zone Heating

Energy budget seems skyrocketed everywhere. Spending on heating units and systems aren't the end of it, the cost of energy that only moves upwards seem to have no limit, it only limits your savings. Household heating systems and units constitutes a large portion of your energy budget, however, as obvious as it is we cannot do without them. And from this viewpoint, zone heating becomes a good alternative over its earlier forms of heating like the central heating system. Zone heating gives you the option of dividing your home up into zones and enable you to use heating units only when and where they are needed. This avoids wastage of energy and optimizes heating efficiency - cutting down energy usage up to 25 per cent.

There are many types of heating products that can be used to heat particular spaces of your house or office, for example: convection heaters, bathroom heaters, infra red heaters, radiator heaters, wall heaters, baseboard heaters and more. They come in different voltages, colors, features and accessories that help you customize them according to your needs and convenience. Baseboard heating, one of the best heating types, is an excellent choice for zone heating. It uses electricity to function and convection technology to circulate air. With proper placement usually under a window area, an electric baseboard heater causes air to flow naturally. They can also be installed with a thermostat to optimize their energy efficiency. Baseboard heaters are further divided into different categories like portable baseboard heaters, home/residential baseboard heaters, heavy duty baseboard heaters, architectural baseboard heaters and hydronic baseboard heaters.

Dayton 3UG87 is a superior Home baseboard heater. It is a single phase electric heater that measures only 96 inches in length yet packs a 6826 to 5133 BTUs an hour. It operates in the voltage range of 240/208 volts and comes with a wattage of 2000/1504 watts. Its special noiseless design makes it ideal for offices, homes, lobbies, and waiting rooms. It also has built in cable clamps and a mounting guide that aids in easy installation. This and all other home baseboard heater units come with a U.L and C-U.L listing and is suitable for commercial application. They are also preferred for the safety they provide apart from saving and convenience. Go for one of these home heating systems and start saving your energy expense making the best use of these high performers.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Patio Furniture

Patio is a Spanish word. It stands for backyard or back garden. A patio is a yard or lawn usually adjoining a residence. This patio or back space is used for dining, relaxation and recreation in good weather. Patio is an important part of every home. It is a perfect place to rest and unwind anytime or to entertain guests in the open air instead of being indoors all the time. Patios are often built without roofs and are usually paved areas between the house and the garden. They are made of concrete, bricks, stones, gravels, tiles, or many other materials.

To make a patio area more comfortable and lovable, there are lots of things which can be added to it. No patio is complete without furniture, hence there is a need to make proper sitting arrangements to complete it. Patio furniture comes in different models, sizes and colors which are specially designed to give a decent and relaxing look to every kind of patio.

A right choice of patio furniture and other decorations can add beauty and comfort to your patio. There is a wide range of patio furniture available in the market. But choosing the right patio furniture requires skill and attention. If you don't want to move your patio furniture frequently, you can choose a heavy wooden one. There are other patio furniture that come in light weight which can be moved easily. The right way to choose a patio furniture set is to go for the one that matches the look, size and location of your patio.

Patio furniture set, Casual Decor CDI-124-S/4, is one of the top choices for patios. It is a beautiful keywest 4 piece patio furniture set which can add attractiveness and pleasure to your patio. It comes with a love seat, two arm chairs and a coffee table. This patio furniture is maintenance free and can be cleaned with a mild detergent to get rid of dust and is well suited for both outdoor as well as indoor use.

If you are looking forward to decorate your patio, visit our online store heater-store.com, where you will find a variety of patio furniture and outdoor furniture along with great deals on them. Go through our detailed information before placing an order, it will help you make the best choice.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Asia Direct Fire Pits

These days, people consider backyard of their houses as a place where they can invite some friends, enjoy their parties and have family get togethers. Fire pits have become a necessity to home owners especially during winter nights. These heating products features provide warm and inviting atmosphere to your backyard and garden. These units let you spend quality time outdoors with your family and friends even in cold winter nights.

Fire pits have been in existence for a very long time and despite many technological advancements since the advent of man's use of fire, they have always remained a popular item because of their versatility. Fire pit designs incorporate a variety of fuel sources and are available in many different shapes and sizes. These are categorized in outdoor fire pits and portable outdoor fire pits.

All the Asia Direct fire pits products are of high quality with many different features. They are available and made according to your needs. All the fire pits are carefully designed to contain the components of the fire at all times, it is always most important to take safety measures in the event that very hot materials do escape from its confines.

Asia Direct outdoor fireplaces feature the stainless steel dome top with a vent to help carry smoke up and away from you. The hinged door is for easy access and the frame is powder coated steel. All these features gives you array of collection to choose from.

Asia Direct portable outdoor fire pits are designs which are ideal for the desert, beach, woods, or backyard, so your investment goes a long way. Some enclosed fire pits have the option of a rotisserie bar if you want to roast chicken, an ash pan to easily remove debris, or a flat grill to cook hamburgers.

With most, you can use either logs or charcoal, depending on your needs. Like Pagoda Fireplace with Copper Roof by Asia Direct, model AD283C, is an outdoor fire pit. This product has been made keeping the user's needs and convenience in mind. The user-friendly fire pit has steel frame with powder-coated wrought iron finish, a copper roof, built-in log grate and vinyl cover. The panels slide out for easy access to fire. It is one of the extraordinary works by Asia Direct.

There are so many choices accessible in market, when one goes to buy Fire Pits for your home backyards. Browse our site to get detailed information on Asia Direct Fire Pits from Heater-Store.com. Buy any fire pits at best deals with easy steps and simple process to follow.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Patio Fireplaces

A patio fireplace adds heat and relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Leaving the structure open on the top allows the fireplace to serve a dual purpose. Add a grill and it becomes the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen where you can cook smoke-flavored meats and vegetables. An outdoor fireplace may also simply be a decorative element, which allows homeowners to enjoy a crackling fire while entertaining in the backyard.

If you are planning to install fireplace in your home, make sure you know exactly what you require so that it will be easy for you to screen through the various options. Patio fireplaces can even be categorized further as portable patio fire places or built-in patio fireplaces. You can get beautiful patio fireplaces for your home from Heater-Store. Browse through some of the best patio fireplaces to get a better idea of what you need to have in your patio.

There are many styles and sizes available from various brands, but while choosing a patio fireplace, safety should be the main concern for you and your family. It is never recommended to use a patio fireplace in an enclosed patio as the carbon dioxide produced by burning wood or other flammable materials can be deadly. The live-fire type patio fireplaces should only be used outdoors. Every state and every county has its own rules and regulations so you should know them or get the necessary permission before you start building an outdoor fireplace.

Some built-in patio fireplaces offer the option of a cooking grid to enable you to use it to cook over an open fire. For those with an unlimited supply of burnable wood, it can be a great alternative to a grill. A patio fireplace without a cooking grid, can be used to roast hot dogs and marshmallow. Fire irons are used for preparing sandwiches and pies. This type of fireplace is perfect for a patio used as an outdoor dining area, complete with trellises and outdoor furniture.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunglo Patio Heaters

Patio heaters have evolved a lot of popularity in the recent years. Since these heaters don't emit any smoke, patio heaters are the best way to enjoy nature and be eco-friendly, both at the same time. Most patio heaters are mobile outdoor heaters and they can be taken from one place to another with ease, which is in contrast to the outdoor heaters that are powered by electricity.

Sunglo is among the renowned manufacturers of outdoor heating products around the world. Sunglo patio heaters are designed to stay lit even in a light breeze. To head people outdoors, Sunglo patio heaters utilize infrared heat. Infrared head warms people like the sun on a cold day. The easy accessibility of the propane refills has made the Sunglo patio propane heaters very popular these days.

A Sunglo patio heater is an excellent way to bring your family and friends together and to extend the amount of time that you can use your patio. By installing Sunglo outdoor heaters, you can provide warmth and ensure your guests and yourself comfort while enjoying out on your porch. The patio heaters are not just for residential purposes. They can also be used in businesses and for entertainment purposes as well. These heaters are very easy to move around to different areas of your backyard.

If you are planning to buy a patio heater, it is very important to think about what your needs are and how much your budget is? You will have to ask yourself if you are going to use electricity, liquid propane, or natural gas. All these three options will give out very less pollutants and will be very fuel efficient.

Sunglo patio heaters are extremely energy-efficient and available in different colors. These heaters take on a bit of a “street lamp” sort of shape that is, tall and lean with a sort of “hat” on the top where the heat is emitted from. You will have to choose the style that goes well with the decor of your patio. The Sunglo patio heaters will be the best choice for your backyard. You can get the best deals from Heater-Store that sells Sunglo patio heaters at good price and takes care of all your heating needs.

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