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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zone Heating

Energy budget seems skyrocketed everywhere. Spending on heating units and systems aren't the end of it, the cost of energy that only moves upwards seem to have no limit, it only limits your savings. Household heating systems and units constitutes a large portion of your energy budget, however, as obvious as it is we cannot do without them. And from this viewpoint, zone heating becomes a good alternative over its earlier forms of heating like the central heating system. Zone heating gives you the option of dividing your home up into zones and enable you to use heating units only when and where they are needed. This avoids wastage of energy and optimizes heating efficiency - cutting down energy usage up to 25 per cent.

There are many types of heating products that can be used to heat particular spaces of your house or office, for example: convection heaters, bathroom heaters, infra red heaters, radiator heaters, wall heaters, baseboard heaters and more. They come in different voltages, colors, features and accessories that help you customize them according to your needs and convenience. Baseboard heating, one of the best heating types, is an excellent choice for zone heating. It uses electricity to function and convection technology to circulate air. With proper placement usually under a window area, an electric baseboard heater causes air to flow naturally. They can also be installed with a thermostat to optimize their energy efficiency. Baseboard heaters are further divided into different categories like portable baseboard heaters, home/residential baseboard heaters, heavy duty baseboard heaters, architectural baseboard heaters and hydronic baseboard heaters.

Dayton 3UG87 is a superior Home baseboard heater. It is a single phase electric heater that measures only 96 inches in length yet packs a 6826 to 5133 BTUs an hour. It operates in the voltage range of 240/208 volts and comes with a wattage of 2000/1504 watts. Its special noiseless design makes it ideal for offices, homes, lobbies, and waiting rooms. It also has built in cable clamps and a mounting guide that aids in easy installation. This and all other home baseboard heater units come with a U.L and C-U.L listing and is suitable for commercial application. They are also preferred for the safety they provide apart from saving and convenience. Go for one of these home heating systems and start saving your energy expense making the best use of these high performers.

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