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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tankless Water Heater Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor for maintaining acceptable indoor air quality in a building. It is important because it replaces the air in any room or space to control the temperature or remove moisture, heat, dust, odors, smoke, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide or replenish oxygen. It may either exchange air to the outside or circulate the air within the building or both. It prevents stagnation of air inside a building and removes excessive moisture or unpleasant odors and more. There are generally two methods of ventilation. Mechanical or forced ventilation and natural ventilation. Mechanical ventilation uses a mechanical source to direct air from the outside into an interior space while natural ventilation involves the use of any available force such as wind or pressure.

Some household appliances need ventilation such as tankless water heaters. The excess temperature generated by tankless heaters need to be replaced in order to maintain a favorable room temperature and to optimize the performance of the heater. Bosch manufactures high quality tankless water heaters and offers a wide range of venting and accessories too. Made of the highest quality materials, Bosch's venting kits ensure full safety while venting your water heater. These units are made keeping in mind users' safety, convenience and ease of usage – especially kits like the power vent and horizontal vent kits. As mentioned, these kits come in a very wide selection to meet all your needs. Universal adapters, weather caps, supports, termination hoods, starters, condensation drains, gear clamps, wall thimbles, sealants and isolation valves are some examples of the overall collection of kits for Bosch tankless water heaters and more that are available at Heater-store.com.

Bosch AQ4, Powervent Kit, comes with built-in freeze protection for 1600P and 1600H model tankless water heaters. It includes a spillage switch kit, vent hood kit, vibration mount packet, gas pressure switch packet and power vent kit along with different accessories like cables, nuts, washers, clips, etc. It is designed to provide full safety to the user. Follow the step by step installation procedure of the product. More details about tankless water heater ventilation can be found at the Bosch venting and accessories page of the site. In addition you can also get assistance in buying the appropriate venting accessories for your already installed units or while selecting a new hot water heater.

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