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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SEI Personal Fireplaces

Gone are the days when fireplaces were known as equipments which keep home warm. Today, personal fireplaces have become one of the best heating products. Personal fireplaces are known to give you a feeling of upliftment and peace of mind with their smokeless flames and fascinating designs. If you want to give a new and relaxed look to your room, terrace or any other space, a personal fireplace is the best choice.

Southern Enterprise Incorporation (SEI) is a Dallas, Texas based importer of home furnishings, fireplaces and fireplace accessories. SEI offers reliable, durable and wonderful fireplaces, which not only keep you warm but also add to the beauty of your place. With high quality designs of fireplaces, SEI has maintained a good reputation in the home furnishing market. When one thinks about fireplaces, SEI is the name which is most preferable and reliable.

There is a great collection of stylish SEI personal gel fireplaces which come with beautiful designs. SEI bio gel fireplaces are mostly used because of their ventless, smokeless and environment-friendly operation. The clear alcohol based bio gel burns cleanly and creates a real flame. You can use them without any mess. Its personal fireplaces are easy to use and require less maintenance.

SEI offers different kinds of personal fireplaces. Its personal fireplaces are widely used at homes and offices. These personal fireplaces come in different shapes, sizes and with many other unique features. Some of the SEI personal fireplaces are:

SEI Yukon Beige Personal Fireplace: This personal fireplace is crafted with faux stone resin. It can hold 1 can of FireGlo gel fuel at a time. Each can burns 2-3 hours and emits up to 3000 BTUs of heat. Its stylish design adds to its beauty.

SEI Jeneau Weathered Slate Personal Fireplace: This personal fireplace is made and finished with a weathered slate appearance. The top is slightly recessed to make room for the included white gravel that sites around the fuel. Its attractive design maintains a contemporary styling.

Fireplaces redefine the look of a room with luxury and style. If you looking forward to purchase a personal fireplace for your space, choose the one that will give your place an exotic and calm look.

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