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Monday, March 29, 2010

Patio Fireplaces

A patio fireplace adds heat and relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Leaving the structure open on the top allows the fireplace to serve a dual purpose. Add a grill and it becomes the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen where you can cook smoke-flavored meats and vegetables. An outdoor fireplace may also simply be a decorative element, which allows homeowners to enjoy a crackling fire while entertaining in the backyard.

If you are planning to install fireplace in your home, make sure you know exactly what you require so that it will be easy for you to screen through the various options. Patio fireplaces can even be categorized further as portable patio fire places or built-in patio fireplaces. You can get beautiful patio fireplaces for your home from Heater-Store. Browse through some of the best patio fireplaces to get a better idea of what you need to have in your patio.

There are many styles and sizes available from various brands, but while choosing a patio fireplace, safety should be the main concern for you and your family. It is never recommended to use a patio fireplace in an enclosed patio as the carbon dioxide produced by burning wood or other flammable materials can be deadly. The live-fire type patio fireplaces should only be used outdoors. Every state and every county has its own rules and regulations so you should know them or get the necessary permission before you start building an outdoor fireplace.

Some built-in patio fireplaces offer the option of a cooking grid to enable you to use it to cook over an open fire. For those with an unlimited supply of burnable wood, it can be a great alternative to a grill. A patio fireplace without a cooking grid, can be used to roast hot dogs and marshmallow. Fire irons are used for preparing sandwiches and pies. This type of fireplace is perfect for a patio used as an outdoor dining area, complete with trellises and outdoor furniture.

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