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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Casual Decor By Kaven

Casual Decor by Kaven is a brand name well known for outdoor furniture. Twenty five years of producing stylish and unique outdoor furniture is one reason why they are worth a try. Their hand crafted resin wicker finish, of fine quality, withstands all weather conditions. They are also well designed with double wall construction and powder coated aluminium frames to retain its look and sturdiness over time. This feature is particularly important as they are set outdoors and directly exposed to sunlight, heat, rain, dust, etc. Casual Decor's furniture sets perfectly and will redefine your patio, backyard, garden or terrace. They have a befitting touch.

Each Casual Decor by Kaven furniture set is uniquely designed. For instance, the 4 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set CDI-1000-S/4 - an artistically designed outdoor patio furniture set with cocoa finish, gives a contemporary touch to your backyard or patio. Another patio furniture set, Soho 4 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set with coppertone finish and aluminum frame is classy and durable too. It can also be used for both outdoors and indoors like most of the products from Casual Decor by Kaven. There are much more items and tempting features regarding them that you can discover from the store in detail.

What's more? These products come with a completely reliable warranty against UV and frame defects. Most of them are virtually maintenance free, you'll hardly have to take any extra care for them like you might have to with some other outdoor furniture sets. Cleaning Casual Decor's furniture sets is absolutely easy as they can be cleansed using a normal cleaner.

You can browse, compare and decide which set to buy through the Internet from hundreds of sites and search for an outdoor furniture set, or more specifically - outdoor wicker furniture. You can also visit Heater-store.com and check out the products mentioned above, or click Casual Decor by Kaven to go to the category page quickly. Casual Decor by Kaven's goal is to create furniture products that are high on design, durability and comfort. So browse around the store and find the set that will fit your space in a perfect way.

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