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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baseboard Heaters

When the unbearable chill of winter sets in, it's important to have adequate heat flowing throughout a dwelling. As the best alternative to other heating sources, a baseboard heater can be installed along the baseboard of any individual room. It uses convection heat to circulate the air and heats the air near the floor. As the baseboard heater heats the immediate air, it begins to rise and the cold air begins to fall to the floor, only to be immediately heated and continue this trend until your room is warm and toasty.

There are many different types of baseboard heaters out there and if you are new to it, picking the right one for your home and outdoor can be quite overwhelming. All types of baseboard heaters are 100 per cent energy-efficient as all electricity consumed by the heating element is converted to heat. By employing a baseboard heater, you do not need to heat your whole house at once, but can limit yourself to one room at a time.

Electric baseboard heaters are quiet and most cost-effective. These heaters take up very little space, are relatively inconspicuous, and don't require ducts or other major installation work. The best place to install this type of heater is below a window so that it can heat the frigid air that sneaks in. Up keep of these heaters is generally easy and revolves around minor cleaning and the removal of dust and lint.
Portable electric baseboard heaters are small enough to carry from room to room when needed, yet powerful enough to heat a whole room by themselves. These fuss-free heaters require no special installation.

Hydronic baseboard heaters are liquid-filled and use water to modulate the room temperature. First, the water is transformed into steam and then it is allowed to rotate in the room. Most hydronic baseboard heaters are made of high resistant, stainless steel that makes them durable with a power carrying capacity of 120 volts and 750 Watts.

Make your pick after carefully considering the different brands and types of baseboard heaters available in the market and you will definitely find one to suit your needs and requirements within your preferred budget.

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