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Monday, January 25, 2010

Practical Heating Solutions by Dimplex

Dimplex is an established world leader which produces hundreds of products dedicated to energy efficient heating solutions. There are various purposes that these heating solutions can be used for like domestic heating, commercial heating, water heating, solar heating and portable heating.

These days, choosing the right heating solution for domestic usage is a very vital decision. Dimplex heaters offer various solutions for heating the whole house with central controls as well as hot water, to even portable products which can be used for localized heating. Dimplex has the largest range of heating solutions so you have the option of whether you want to heat a large newly-built home, or just a single room.

Another added bonus about Dimplex heating solutions is that they are suitable for heating any type of area and have a solution for every type of room as well. Over the past few years its products have grown extensively, and their innovative products are used in different applications.

Dimplex realizes that commercial environments can be extremely demanding with a high rate of wear and tear involved. This is why commercial Dimplex heaters give years of trouble-free service and at the same time, prove to be very pleasing. Dimplex heaters are made to perform to rigorous standards and meet a variety of heating specifications. They cater to the heating requirements of shops, offices, hotels, factories, warehouses and airports.

When it comes to water heating solutions, Dimplex uses both un-vented cylinders and solar water heating solutions also. Un-vented cylinders use only hot water. These cylinders have a longer life and are low in maintenance. Dimplex water packages combine all the components into easy-to-purchase kits. Dimplex has a range of cylinder sizes which is suitable for a variety of properties, as well as a selection of roof mounting options. Thus, Dimplex heaters have the answer to every solar water heating requirement that may arise.

Dimplex is confident in their commitment to providing energy efficient heating solutions. Browse through their extensive range and put an end to all your heating concerns permanently.

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