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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Economical Vent Free Heaters by Procom

Vent Free heaters are units which don’t need a vent a chimney, yet they can easily discard elements produced by the burning fuels. These units have two types of fuels: natural gas and propane. All the useable energy which is produced goes into space. Therefore, no heat is wasted through vent to the outside atmosphere. Whatever little amount of carbon dioxide or water, or any other element is produced post combustion, will be either natural or non-toxic. However, these units need proper installation and maintenance to perform perfectly.

Vent free heaters have quite a few advantages. Since they do not require a vent pipe or a chimney, vent free heating solutions are easy and inexpensive to install. Many of these heaters do not require electricity and this allows them to be used for emergency heat as well. Most vent free heaters are quiet, easy to use as well as effective. Gas is relatively an inexpensive fuel in most locations in the country. There are many heaters which have been designed to create a comfort zone in a single room to help reduce heating costs.

There are many vent free heating appliances and manufacturers which produce remarkable and affordable vent free heaters. Procom is one such manufacturer which offers its customers an impressive range of heating solutions. The company uses innovative designs and also has a ground breaking technology to produce wonderful heating solutions that add to the simplicity, comfort and beauty of life. Procom manufactures its heating products bearing the needs of the customer demands in mind, and yet it manages to deliver unbeatable value, continuous innovation, exceptional quality and above all outstanding service.

One of the most impressive innovations by the company is the Procom vent free gas heater. These heaters come packed with advanced features like a diamond mesh grill which is used for ultimate safety as well as built in Oxygen Depletion Sensor. Most units possess patented dual-feature technology and this enables one unit to operate on either natural gas or propane fuel. Log on and browse through the vast range of vent free heaters, for your home or office.

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