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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bosch AquaStar Gas Tankless Water Heaters: Unbeatable Quality

Over the years, there have been lots of changes that can be seen among the build and specifications of Bosch water heaters. Earlier when water heaters took loads of time and power whilst performing, today they seemed to be worked upon well to become more efficient and at the same time, reliable, yet cheaper when it comes to saving energy as well as time consumption.

The Bosch AquaStar 2700ES is one such product that is freshly introduced by the popular brand Bosch, which has always endeavored to match up to the expectations and demand of the modern day customer. This Bosch water heater uses an electronic ignition system for performing. As it is a ‘tank less’ water heater, with endless hot water supply one can use up to three different types of heating selections offered by its innovative design.

The AquaStar 2700ES gas tankless water heater by Bosch also hands over the brilliant advantage of saving up to 50% of utility costs. It boasts of having a thermal efficiency rate of 82% and a commendable power input of 199000 BTUs. This efficient heating device can heat 7 gallons of water per minute that favors the users to make most out of its use at the same time keeping the 2 to 3 major applications running.

Bosch water heaters present an extremely compatible kit if one wishes to use it for outdoor installation. It has been stated and has been approved to be workable in changing climates. The design is kept pretty small and compact that helps in saving a lot of space in modern apartments and homes. These water heaters are instilled with power vents that favor horizontal as well as vertical vent termination.

One can monitor and keep a check on the heating temperature as well. Buyers are provided with a wireless remote that enables easy maneuverability in order to enhance the ease in controlling its functions. In a nutshell, it can be said that this water heater combines all the modern and helpful features that are expected to be in any contemporary water heater model of today. You can get amazing discounts on some of the best Bosch tankless heaters online.
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