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Monday, November 9, 2009

Useful Commercial Warehouse Heaters

Commercial heaters, as the name suggests, are used for commercial purposes. There are three types of commercial warehouse heaters: forced air heaters, radiant heaters, and convection heaters. Read further to understand the purpose(s) that each of them serve.

Forced Air Heaters can be used for many uses including commercial, industrial, warehouse, construction, and agriculture purposes. Propane forced air heaters are used for larger heating jobs. The heating output of these heaters can be adjusted from 175,000 to 375,000 BTU/HR. Increased benefits of using air forced heating are higher efficiency and lower costs.

Radiant heaters are highly controllable via thermostats and time switches. These units are normally mounted overhead so that there is no loss of floor space. Radiant heaters are ideal for use in factories, workshops, industrial units, warehouses, garages, and showrooms. Some of the benefits of radiant heating are low running costs, heat coverage even at low levels, instant heat at the touch of a button, minimal movement, easy maintenance and cleaner burning overall. These types of commercial heaters are perfect to be used for overall heating or simply directional spot heating.

Convection heaters are good for providing gentle and comfortable warmth as well as maintaining your desired room temperature. They are equipped with heating coils that warm up very quickly to provide instant heating. Cool floor-level air is drawn into the unit, then heated through natural convection and ultimately emitted out of the top of the unit. Benefits include: energy efficiency, low noise, and providing instant and whole-room heating.

There are various types of warehouse heaters available on the market to suit different needs and situations. Find the heater of your choice today and give your heating problems a rest!

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