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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Practical Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is a very small but powerful and extremely efficient water heating system. These water heaters provide endless supply of hot water, and also save energy which helps to reduce electricity bills. They come in sleek designs which help to save space and add elegance to your bathroom. There are two types of tankless water heaters: electric and natural gas.

The Noritz residential tankless natural gas water heaters are perfect for any home which has one to three showers. They can provide endless supply of hot water to any home as they are properly sized. They include a state of art gas combustion technology. Their output ranges between 180,000 btuh (max) to 25, 000 btuh (min). They can be used indoors and outdoors and are recirculation compatible as well.

Noritz heaters can boast of several innovations in them. The default maximum temperature is 120 degrees. A single flame burner gives high performance. It automatically adjusts the burner level accordingly. It can give up to 7.1 GPM at a 35 degree temperature rise. These tankless water heaters increase durability and protection from external elements. It is able to monitor the internal temperature and maximize the burner efficiency as well.

There are a lot of advantages which Noritz tankless water heaters have:

Endless hot water: These heaters provide endless soothing hot water for everyone to enjoy relaxing hot tubs and showers and still have enough for the rest of the house hold needs.

Higher volumes: They can also deliver more volumes for all hot water demands. Noritz offers a multi system set up which can link up to 24 units this is 317 gallons per unit.

No dirty tanks: Tankless water heaters heat the water as it passes through the unit so you will always get a fresh supply of hot water.

Flexible installation options: With a tankless water heater you can not only save space but you can save water as well. If fast hot water delivery is needed you can even relocate the tankless water heater closer to the fixtures that you most often use.

Noritz tankless water heaters will surely prove to be extremely economical and useful in any home especially during the cold winter months.

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