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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Handy Twin Eagle Heaters

Patio Heaters are becoming a hot commodity .Traditionally they are made of stainless steel and aluminum. There are a variety of sizes as well as styles to choose from including ones which are made to look like old fashioned street lamps. The classic silver disc shaped design is still extremely popular.

Some important factors to bear in mind:

While shopping for an outdoor heater, here are some factors you should consider:

Safety: Safety is an important factor when having a open heat source in a common area. Most patio heaters are sturdy enough to be bumped into. Some even have an automatic shut off feature in case the heater tilts or if someone forgets to turn it off at night.

Fast Acting: Outdoor patio heaters work more quickly than other types of outdoor heating appliances. They raise the surrounding temperature by as much as 10-30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Low Maintenance: Heaters, such as Twin Eagle heaters are constructed with the purpose of being weather resistant and they are able to stand being out of snow and rain. However some degree of maintenance is needed to keep them working properly and to reduce pollution build up.

Attractive: Unlike a lot of bulky looking heaters Twin Eagle patio heaters do not pose as an eye sore to the surroundings. The tank or alternate fuel source is generally hidden inside the base of the unit which leaves you only with its sleek design.

Twin Eagle heaters provide effective and energy efficient heating. They have been producing an inexpensive line of outdoor heaters with a perfect combination of style, performance and quality. The heaters are designed to cover extended heating areas according to their capacity to offer maximum comfort. There are two types of outdoor heaters by Twin Eagle: Gas Infrared Heaters and Electric Heaters.

Gas infrared heaters use stainless steel castings and they are provided with safety grills. They do not need electrical installation. These heaters have two settings. They have a high of 37000 BTU and a low of 25000 BTU. They come equipped with a battery ignition and wireless controls.

Electric heaters have 304 stainless steel casings. They are no open flames and low open flames and there is no low clearance requirement to combustibles. These patio heaters are environment friendly as there is no carbon monoxide or green house gases emitted.

Twin Eagle patio heaters boast a lot of advantages and benefits to them and prove to be the ideal choice for heating an outdoor setting.

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