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Monday, November 16, 2009

Economical Heaters by De Longhi

De Longhi is a well known brand which has been in the market for a long time. They offer a variety of different household appliances in addition to being considered the best in a competitive market. They make a variety of heaters like oil heaters, electric heaters, convection heaters, propane heaters, natural gas heaters plus space heaters of different sizes. These heaters not only do the work they are built for, but these devices are also quite attractive and extremely well designed. Many people opt to buy these heaters for their office, garage or even there homes.

Types of De Longhi Heaters:

There are various types of De Longhi heaters which can be used in different places. The commonly used heaters are electric heaters, oil filled radiator heaters, convection heaters and gas heaters.

Electric Heaters: These heaters are quiet and efficient in operation. They come equipped with a fan and a thermostat along with various heat settings. The fan is much more silent when compared to other heaters with fans. De Longhi electric heaters also offer the choice of switching it on only when needed. The thermostat button helps you to set the level you are comfortable with and turn it off if it is not required. There are two heat settings so you have the option of choosing how much heat you want to put out.

Oil Heaters: Oil filled heaters are safe to use and silent in operation. The heated oil which is inside the sealed tube radiates the heat evenly in all directions. They have on and off switches and can run up to eight hours. There are also energy conserving heaters which help you to set the heat so that it comes on only when needed.

Convection Heaters: These heaters use special coils which quickly heat up the air through small fans which are used to circulate the air around the room. Most De Longhi heaters consist of a thermostat which keeps the air at the desired temperature.

Gas Heaters: This type of heaters comes equipped with a refillable calor gas barrel. They are extremely practical to use and are particularly useful for heating single rooms as an alternative to turning on the central heating and warming up the whole house at a time.

Each type of De Longhi heaters is outfitted with its own unique features and advantages and there is a huge variety available to choose from.

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