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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whole House Energy Efficient Heaters by Bosch Heaters

Energy efficient heaters have taken over the place of the conventional models available. I still remember that before I bought the Bosch Tankless Water Heater, my electricity was soring similar to oil prices. I didn't knew why and how come until my friend visited me for an overnight stay. It would sound hilarious to you that we were sitting in the candle light (even when there was no power failure). My friend was furious on seeing this and he started investigating every appliance. Finally when he could find the root cause. It was the heater installed in my kitchen and bathroom.

He suggested me to go for one of the energy efficient heaters by Bosch. That night we didn't sleep and over the net we were not even chatting with others, we were just looking for Bosch energy efficient heaters. After much hunting we clicked on the heater-store. From here once I have a purchased a patio heater. It is working fine. This online store has a comprehensive range of energy efficient heaters. Initially, I thought to go for a point of use energy efficient heaters and decided to go through the details available on the website. Then suddenly, my eyes was another water heater that could supply water to whole house. I chucked to see this wonderful Powerstar water heater. When I went through the complete details, I was astonished to see so many features in a single unit. It is a space saving power star electric water heater that delivers endless hot water, saves substantial space and doesn't add much to the bill.

Reduced electricity cost was something that caught the attention of these energy efficient heaters UL and CSA approved. Excitedly I read aloud the Bosch Electric Water Heaters feature list. It said

* 95% efficiency rating - maximum efficiency
* Flow sensor to provide a constant output temperature
* Thermal cut-out for safety
* Filter screen on inlet
Electronic flow switch

After consulting with my friend and with the assistance of customer support available, I bought an energy efficient heaters. I am really happy that I have taken a wise decision. Since its installation, I have not yet faced any problem and also my electricity bill value has gone down. If you are faced any problem like me or are looking for a new water heater, I'll suggest to go ahead and buy an energy efficient heater, now.
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