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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Solar Water Heater

I find Solar Water Heater as an extremely useful household appliance. They are capable of providing warm water in minutes, and are environmental friendly. Solar Water Heaters have a basic design of a collector box, and the absorbing material. These are the two main components of a Solar heater, and hence their efficiency matters a lot.

Let us have a short glimpse on how a Solar Water heater works- The Solar Heater is deliberately placed in the direction facing the sun. For changing its position easily, many Heaters come with a movable ariel. The water is passed through the storage tank, which is heated by sun's heat. It is then moved to the outlet pipe, and you experience hot water, without high electricity expenses!

Solar Water Heaters save considerable amount of electricity, and money. For eco-friendly people like me, nothing can beat a Solar Water Heater! Last year I purchased a Solar Heater that works as a highly efficient thermal collector. It also features a high selective absorbing coating, low-iron, tempered solar glazing, and offers a very effective insulation around the absorber plate. I have been using a Solar Heater since years, and found it to be the best option.

To meet the needs of the customers there are separate Solar Tanks also available. This tank can be used with a heat exchanger, that can be used for solar applications. If you are looking for a Solar Tank, consider its durability and efficiency. Some of the features of my Solar Tank are its heavy gauge steel with porcelain enamel coating, low stand heat loss, and a sacrificial anode rod with wear indicator.

A Solar Tank Water Heater is suitable for many application. It works efficiently in residential as well as commercial settings. Many Solar Heaters are found in swimming pool areas as well. These are often used during winters, to pre-heat the water. Solar heaters are a worthy option for any household. They can even be fixed at the roof tops and used without any fear. I purchased a Solar Water Heater from Heater-Store recently, and I'm more than satisfied with its high performance and low price. If you are looking for a Solar Water Heater, you can have a look at Heater-Store.
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