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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patio Palm Heater and Mister

Patio Palm Heater and Mister can be used as an accessory for enhancing the looks of the exterior. These days in America, you would find your neighbor extending his backyard for building an outdoor kitchen or for constructing the swimming pool. You might also be looking for creative ways to utilize the space and enjoy the evenings. Then why not buy a Patio Palm Heater and Mister?

Imagine yourself sitting under a palm tree with your date on a cool evening and having your favorite drink together. Really romantic... But going out on a weekday can be really a tiresome task. No problem, your backyard can be the right place!

Patio Palm Heater and Mister is a brilliant unit that can be used all year around. In the winters, if you are throwing a party then, it can give the warmth to the surrounding and one can enjoy the chilly evenings also. Similarly in summers, the gentle mist of water wafting from the copper palm leaves, will provide cool air. These specially designed patio heaters are made keeping in mind the need of the outdoor living.

Patio Palm Heater and Mister offered by CoolHeat, Inc. is a commercial grade UL certified heater. It has a water misting system in a very attractive palm tree design. This patio heater has the ability to provide 25 foot circle of warmth and at the sunset, it matches the slow of the beautiful setting sun. Further, it has a portable base for permanent and hard lined applications. Some of the characteristics of these Patio Palm Heater and Mister are:

* Powder-coat/baked finish for long lasting beauty
* Easy Assembly
* Electric Ignition
* Rigid construction with a solid, welded internal frame
* Wind protected burner
* No Maintenance

I have purchased this elegant copper finish patio palm heater and mister. After purchasing it I have thrown a small evening party. All my friends liked the idea of placing this patio heaters in my backyard. As outdoor living is new phenomena, I think, by adding this stylish products I would also be the part of the outdoor living revolution. If you also want to beautify your backyard or patio, just buy this Patio Palm Heater and Mister. It is worth the investment!
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