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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tiki Torches - Lighten Up the Surrounding

Tiki Torches not only lighten up the mood but also brighten the surroundings. Known for their style and elegance, these tiki torches impresses all. They bring new life to outdoor gathering. There are different types of tiki torches available in the market. These include gas tiki torches, oil tiki torches, and garden tiki torches.

The Decorative Lamp Posts are excellent for lawn, deck and patio parties. They have a fiber glass wick that help them to burn longer. They can burn up to 48 hours without any hassle. Gas tiki torches are also available in the market. These are compact in size and can be used for parties at beaches, farm houses and even when you go out for camping. For table top use they come with a weighed stand.

Davya Heaters have a range of tiki torches to choose from. Here are some of the features of the Davya Gas Tiki Torches:-

* 10,000 BTU output
* 10 ft. heating diameter
* Powder Coated Antique Bronze exterior
*Requires 1 lb. propane canister, not included

The heater- store not only have these but other types of tiki torches as well. They are priced attractively here. I have purchased a set of 4 stainless steel torches from the store. These are the Orchos Torches by Blomus. They are 45 cm tall and have elegant looks that add to the beauty and charm of an outdoor soiree! For further information about Tiki Torches, visit tiki torch section now.
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