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Friday, June 20, 2008

Table Top Patio Heater

Last year, I purchased a Table Top Patio Heater from Heater-Store and is really happy with the service it provides. It has elegant looks, and grabs everyone's attention in the garden. It has surely given a new standard to my lifestyle. Did you say what's so special about it? It is the Patio Palm Heater and Mister, in a unique shape of a tree. You can keep it out year around! It is a commercial grade, UL certified 40,000 BTU heater, along with a water misting system in an attractive and stylish palm tree design. The leaves are made of copper, and looks real. This reminds me when Kate, one of my very good friend, actually got surprised on beholding such a small palm tree. After seeing her admiration in her eyes I finally told her it's a Table Top Patio Heater. She was shocked...

Of my Table Top Patio Heater, I tell you, it's not only the looks that lured me to purchase it. It was the heater's functionality as well that left a real impact on me. Some of the features that I liked were

* Powder-coat/baked finish for long lasting beauty
* Elegant copper finish
* 40,000 BTU burner
* Easy assembly
* Rigid construction with a solid, welded internal frame
* Electric ignition
* Wind protected burner
* UL certified
* GSA certified stainless steel & brass components

Apart from these, it requires little to no maintenance, and also provides one year's warranty. Now which other elegant looking Table Top Patio Heater offers so much at low cost! Truly worth its price. I'm having a warm time under my Table Top Patio Heater after the sun sets. How about you?
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