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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bosch Natural Gas Water Heaters: The Wise Choice

With the cost of power shooting up, it is a sensible option to settle for alternative options. The same principle applies to water heaters as well. Natural gas water heaters are better and more efficient way of heating water. They are one of the most efficient water heaters that integrate best of technology, in order to provide constant flowing, hot water to the household.

Take Bosch Natural Gas Water Heater, for instance. This model has an electronic ignition system for added convenience. With its endless supply of hot water, you can put it in three major hot water applications at a time. This eco-friendly Tankless Water Heater helps to save up to 50% utility cost. It has the thermal efficiency of 82% and power input of 199000 BTU. This Bosch model, has a warranty of 12 years on the heat exchanger with an outdoor installation kit and an optional Remote Thermostat.

Most Gas Water Heaters operate on less than half of the cost associated with conventional electric water heaters. Conventional water heaters are considered the second largest user of energy in the home. Hence, finding a more economical solution is indeed a wise decision. You can browse through a vast range of Natural Gas Water Heaters, among others, at the Heater-Store.
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