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Monday, June 2, 2008

Bosch Electric Water Heater

Bosch Electric Water Heaters are known for their reliability and optimum performance. They are available in different sizes to meet your personal needs. They can be used at home and even at commercial places.

The Bosch Powerstar AE115 Electric Water Heater is designed to replace old fashioned Electric Storage Heaters. They are whole-house water heaters and provide endless hot water. Being space savers and energy savers too, they have become popular among the masses. They are a CSA approved model. The features of a Bosch Electric Water Heater are:

* Maximum efficiency
* Solid copper heat exchanger
* Electronic flow switch
* Brass NPT fittings
* External temperature control knob
* Activation rates of 0.6 gallons per minute (AE115) and .8 gpm (AE125)
* Filter screen on inlet
* Thermal cut-out for safety
* No temperature/pressure relief valve necessary (check local codes)
* Flow sensor to provide a constant output temperature

Besides this, Bosch also offers smaller capacity electric water heaters.Powerstar AE3.4 Electric Water Heater comes with a Point-Of-Use feature and has readily available hot water. It does not accept preheated water and is available with a 5 years warranty. Some notable features of this Electric Water Heater are :

* Easy Installation
* 99% efficient
* Mounts on wall in any direction
* Eliminates long waits for hot water

To know more about the energy saving Electric Water Heaters offered by Bosch, visit the Heater-Store. They are available at discounted prices here.
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