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Friday, May 30, 2008

Electric Patio Heater

Electric patio heaters are one of the safest heating options that can be used at home. Use them for birthday parties and create the perfect setting. These can be used for decorating the backyard, deck, or patio. The electric patio heaters can add charm to your spring and cool summer evenings. Unlike other types of patio heaters like propane or gas patio heaters, these are inexpensive units. They require minimum energy and don't require the replacement of propane tank.

Soleus Patio Heater - HP1-15-50 is one of the finest model being offered by Heater- Store. It uses reflective heater technology and quickly provides warmth to people and surrounding. This electric heater is not at all affected by wind and is completely safe to use. Some of the features of this Soleus Patio Heater are:-

* Power Consumption: 700/800/1500 W
* Voltage Rating: 120V (60Hz)
* Package Dimensions: 24" (W) X 24" (D) X 81" (H)
* Gross Weight: 25.5 Lbs

If you are planning to by an electric heater, then Soleus is a great choice. Its looks, style and elegance accentuate the beauty of the surrounding. where it is kept. I have personally bought this Electric Patio Heater and found it to be a great investment. At Heater-Store it is available at great discounts. For further details visit patio heater section, now.
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