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Friday, May 30, 2008

Blomus Tiki Torches – Beauty in Stainless Steel

Add charm to your backyard parties with Blomus Tiki Torches. These stainless steel torches not only add an extra flare to the backyard but also serve as an excellent piece of decoration.

The Stainless Steel Torch collection of Blomus is simply amazing. There is a huge variety of torches offered by them for backyard as well as the table top units. An excellent example of a backyard Tiki Torch is the Lympos Torch by Blomus. This torch has 155 cms wooden staff, attached to a beautiful stainless steel top. This stainless steel top is in the shape of a hemisphere with a wick on top – a perfect blend of ethnicity with a modern touch!!

The collection doesn't end here... there are Blomus ORCHOS Stainless Steel Torches that can be used on table tops or better still, place them by the pool side for that luxurious feel!

Those who like the sleek, delicate look, they can choose from the Blomus PALOS Torches. These are available in two sizes, the 151 cms Tiki Torch and the 111 cms Table Tiki Torch.

The Heater-Store has a range of Tiki Torches available to choose from. Their collection of Blomus Tiki Torches is simply amazing. These sleek, elegant torches are the best you can add to enhance the beauty of the patio or backyard. Browse through the Heater-Store to have a look at the variety available. The prices they offer are difficult to resist!
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