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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wood Sauna Heaters

Sauna baths have a lot of therapeutic benefits. To name a few, they stimulate and circulation and respiration, reduce muscular tension and cleanse and rejuvenate the body and skin through perspiration. With so many Sauna Heaters available, one can now easily get them installed.

The various types of sauna heaters available are Wood Sauna Heaters, Electric Sauna Heaters, and Infrared Sauna Heaters. Sauna heaters that are powered by electricity are not suitable for places where there is inadequate power supply, thus the Wood Sauna Heaters are more preferred. These sauna heaters provide soft, soothing heat to help you enjoy your sauna. A wonderful sauna heater is the Wood Burning Sauna Heater from Harvia. The features of this heater include:

* Traditional high heat sauna
* Efficient flame circulation system
* Quick heat-up time
* Large rock capacity to create gentler heat
* Removable ash pan
* Galvanized metal-black with stainless finish
* Visible glass door
* Warms up to 159 - 459 cubic feet
* Ideal for cottages or areas with no electricity
* Often used in backyard retreats

Another interesting unit is the Wood Burning Sauna Stove from Harvia that combines a fireplace as well. It features a stainless steel outer casting and has a large stone capacity to create even and gentler heat.

To browse through more options in Wood Sauna Heaters, visit the Heater-Store. They have a variety of sauna heaters to choose from and buy at at discounted rates!
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