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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace accessories are very helpful in improving the life of your fireplace. They are a cost effective things that help in effectively maintaining the looks of the fireplace. Heater Store has a comprehensive range of fireplace covers that includes durable and quality proven vinyl Chinook covers. They are available in different sizes and are good to fit and cover firepits also. The outdoor fireplace cover - Madison 799 is one of among them. It covers and protects firepits form different elements when not in use. These are designed to fit traditional fireplaces, premium stainless steel and porcelain enamel outdoor places.

They have a durable, heavy duty cover that can be customized to fit the specific model. They help in maintaining the original look of the fireplace. Some of the features of the Outdoor Fireplace Cover from Arctic are, weather resistant PVC, tie cord, scratch resistant and POP hand cord.

But these covers will only protect your fireplace... what about the cleaning and maintenance it requires? Well, for this, Heater Store has different handy tools like poker, brush and shovel. They help in keeping the fireplace / firepit clean. Further, they also help in keeping the fire under control.

To know more about the fireplace accessories available, browse through the Fireplace Accessories section at Heater-Store. Here you will find everything from Fire-Glo gel fuel to fireplace pads, all at attractive prices!
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