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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Arctic Heaters

Arctic offer an exciting array of products that adds resonance to the backyard. The one that I recently added to my backyard is the Arctic Heater.

I was tired of making a campfire in my backyard. Though it looks warm and enjoyable, there is a lot of hard work that goes in preparing one. And not to forget the cleaning that has to be done after the campfire is over!

Tired of doing all this Decided to look for heater that gives the same ambiance, heat that of campfire. While searching I came across this Outdoor Fire Pit from Arctic Heaters. They seem to be perfect for my backyard. Then I logged on to the product page to read the features... It is a heavy duty stainless steel unit with a strong leg base and stainless steel bowl. Its spark resistant mesh cover makes it safe for use even with children around. The unit is easy to assemble and includes a log grate for managing the fire.

My backyard parties are much more enjoyable now. I don't have to run after the children to keep them far away from the fireplace. Making a fire in also so much more easier. It has saved me from the effort of carrying those heavy wood logs and my yard is also neat and clean! I don't have to worry about my backyard being ruined with a big black patch that traditional fire pits create.

I bought this Outdoor Fire Pit from the Heater Store. The store has a wide range of Arctic Heaters to select from at affordable prices.
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