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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stay Cozy All Winter with Oil Filled Heaters

Imagine a heater that is equipped with all of these features: Consistent heating, no gas, no oxygen depletion, no windows or vents required, no fan noise and no orange glowing. Well, if you think all this is a dream, you obviously haven't tried the revolutionary Oil filled Heaters.

Oil filled Heaters offer both safe and silent operation. These heaters operate by warming up a special heat-conserving oil inside the heater. This oil is then circulated throughout the coils and fins of the radiator to heat them. Oil Filled Heaters are perfect for chilly bedrooms and offices. They are also available in compact sizes and can be carried along, wherever required.

Try the Oil Filled Radiating Heater by DeLonghi, for instance. This electric heater comes with specially engineered thermal slots that maximize heat flow yet maintain a low surface temperature. It includes Smart-Snap pre-mounted wheels that ensure convenience, safety and stability. It has three heat settings that let you adjust output levels, optimizing energy-efficient operation. This DeLonghi Heater has 7 Oil-Filled fin heating elements for higher heating capacity. It is permanently sealed and never needs filling, so you can sit back and relax. Its wrap-around cord design lets you store the cord when the heater is not in use.

You can find some great deals on Oil Filled Heaters online. Try one and I guarantee you wouldn't want to try anything else next winter! Happy shopping!
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