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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Patio Palm Heater and Mister

Make your backyard comfortable and relaxing. Bring home a patio heater and add warmth and beauty to your backyard.

The patio heater by Cool Heat is an attractive palm tree shaped unit. It is a Patio Palm Heater and Mister with U.L. certified 40,000 BTU heater and a water misting system. This patio heater is perfect for all-year-round use, be it summers or winters. During winters, it helps you cool off with its gentle mist of water wafting from the copper palm leaves. All you need to do is connect the unit with the garden hose or irrigation system. For winters, switch on the heater to keep the patio warm. The patio provides a radiant glow with 25 foot circle of warmth.

This Patio Palm is available with a portable base as well as a solid base for permanent hard-line application. The palms of this heater are hand crafted and are easy to assemble. Just place it in a suitable area, with at-least 4 inch clearing space. And remember to drain the water line during freezing temperatures.

Browse through the Heater Store to have a look at this maintenance free Patio Palm Heater and Mister. It is available at the store at discounted prices. The store has some other stylish, Patio Heaters as well.
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