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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Infrared Tank Top Heaters for Cost Effective Heating

Did your electricity bill shoot up this winter? This is the case with most of us who use electric heaters. However, if you're looking for an economical option for effective heating, you will have to do away with electricity. Instead, try Infrared Tank Top Heater to warm your home. It requires no electricity, provides instant heat and is variable from 8,000 BTU up to 28,000 BTU.

Infrared Tank Top Heaters warm people and objects before warming the air. They are low-priced and clean-burning heaters that do not emit any harmful gases in the air. These compact infrared units are ideal for patios and even for heavy duty work like workshops, recreational activities, remodeling and construction jobs.

The Century Infrared Tank Top Heater, for instance, has a unique 4-screen design that makes the heater windproof. It comes with a regulator valve for efficient fuel flow in cold weather. This makes it safe, convenient and dependable even at high altitudes. It also has a safety shutoff valve that automatically cuts the gas flow if the burner flame is extinguished.

The infrared heater runs on gas and the burner can easily be attached to your propane cylinder. A bracket mounts to your tank top taking the weight of the heater and is easily tighten with a hand turned knob. So all you have to do is turn the knob for instant heating!

Heating by Infrared Tank Top Heaters cost just pennies per hour and provides a nice warmth, wherever you need. So invest in one now, and enjoy, without ever worrying about electricity bills!
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