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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Electric Space Heaters for Additional Heating

Sometimes the winters become so chilly that the heating system does not seem to work. We feel the need for some additional heating unit to provide warmth - a unit that is cost effective and just the right size to suit our need.

The Space Heaters are the best for this type of use. Available in different sizes, they effectively supplement the existing heating system.
I bought a Soleus MS-12 Electric Personal Reflective Heater for my home recently. This Space Heater is priced at only $23.63. This silent heater does not burn any oxygen. It provides instant heat and efficiently complements my already installed heating system.
It is a portable, light weight and compact unit and can be stored easily when not in use as it occupies very less space.

If you are looking for a Space Heater to supplement your heating system, I would suggest you to try the Heater Store. They have some other Space Heaters as well like the Oil Filled Electric Radiant Heater, Electric Flat Panel Reflective Heater, Electric Ceramic Heater with Humidifier and Infrared-Halogen Electric Reflective Heaters.

These space heater are available in different sizes. If you are not sure as to what size heater will suit your room size, browse through the Heater Store. They provide assistance in calculating the space heater size.
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