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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Electric Sauna Heaters: Luxury at it's Best

There's nothing that leaves you feeling more cleansed than a Sauna bath. It is a pain, however, to go to spas to avail this luxury. What if you could have a leisurely sauna at home? Well, with Electric Sauna Heaters, your dream can actually come true.

An Electric Sauna Heater is central to a good sauna. Electric Sauna Heaters or Sauna Stoves feature an improved "heat release system" that allows virtually all the heat to be circulated into the center of the room, keeping the sauna heater and the elements much cooler. This also results in an increased life span of the elements. The built-in heat deflectors assist in moving the heat to the center of the sauna room to benefit the bathers. They keep the heat away from the ceiling and directly above the sauna heater.

Try the Infrared Hemlock Sauna Heaters by Sun Spirit. This model comes with a digital control panel and a three year warranty on workmanship and electrical components. Using such a Sauna Heater has many benefits. It helps reduce stress and fatigue, improves immune system and relaxes muscles. It also helps in reliving aches & pains, improves overall circulation, purges toxins from your body and burns calories.

These Heaters are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. Browse through more choices in Electric Sauna Heaters at the Heater Store, and experience luxury like never before.
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