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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Electric Heaters: Great Style, Greater Utility

If your home lacks a central heating systems, don't worry! Your home can now be equipped with an Electric Heater. Electric Heaters are perfect for heating rooms up to about 150 sq. ft. depending on insulation. These devices range in power from 'high heat' created by more numerous power coils, to 'low heat' derived from fewer, less potent coils. When used wisely, this type of heater can create sufficient warmth in a small room.

There are various kinds of Electric Heaters available today. These include Portable Heaters, Electric Tower Heaters, Electric Ceramic Heaters, Radiant Heaters and many more. All these units are easy to install and completely safe to use.

The Sunpentown Ceramic Heater with Humidifier for instance, comes in an attractive counter-top design. It operates at a temperature below the ignition temperature of materials like tissue paper. In addition, it self-regulates the heat output in case the air inlet or outlet is blocked, and reduces heat output if temperature gets too hot. This sleek heating system comes with an innovative pop-up control panel that resists tampering. Its added humidifier function prevents over-drying. Its safety tip-over cut off feature ensures that over-heating does not take place.

Electric Heaters make up for their slightly higher price tag by providing convenience, cleanliness and reduced space needs as compared to their fuel-burning counterparts. You can browse through a wide range of Electric Heaters at the Heater Store.
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