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Monday, February 18, 2008

Electric Garage Heaters

One of the many excuses we find for not going to work is that, the workplace is too damp and cold. However, with the advent of Electric Garage Heaters, you can strike that one off your list. These Electric Garage Heaters are good for heavy-duty heating of garage or work areas. They provide warmth and comfort, even in the coldest of weather conditions.

Garage Heaters can generally heat areas up to 400 sq. ft. When there is less than 500 sq. ft. of area to heat, Electric Garage Heaters are preferred over propane heating options as they are safe.

The Electric Radiant Convection Heater is a garage heater model by Dayton. It includes a wattage ranging from 600W to 1500W and comes with cutting edge features like a tip-over switch, power indicator, resettable thermal switch and a 3 Prong plug. It includes a unique dual heating system that provides both radiant and convection heat at a high setting. It also features an adjustable thermostat and an overheat sensor for added safety. It's chrome grille and white enamel finish gives it a sleek look.

Electric Garage Heaters are the safest appliance to use and provide ample amount of heat in no time. You can browse through a vast range of these heaters, at reasonable prices, at the Heater Store.
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