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Friday, February 15, 2008

Construction Heaters for Extreme Heating

Construction workers often have to work in freezing temperatures. For their benefit, a series of Construction Heaters have been introduced to keep them warm while they toil.

A Construction Heaters is a fully enclosed, portable unit that may also be two wheel trailer mounted for supplying dry, uncontaminated heat to partially and fully enclosed spaces. Ruggedness is a key trait of these Construction Heaters. Since these heaters have to be used in extreme weather conditions, they are field tested to temperatures as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after having been idle for prolonged periods in the cold, these heaters will get your equipment functioning and make buildings inhabitable.

The Master Radiant Heater for instance, is a Propane/LP Radiant heater that has a piezo ignition and gives 360 degree radiant heat. It is equipped with handles and wheels for easy portability. This heater can heat up to 2900 square feet of area, and uses approx 100 lb or more propane tanks. The best part about this construction heater is that it doesn't require any electricity to work.

Construction Heaters are known for their solid design and efficient functioning. They are surely a profitable investment and will contribute in improving your worker's efficiency. You can browse the Heater Store for more options.
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