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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Towel Warmers for a Cozy Start to your Day

Now you will never have to wrap yourself in a cold, damp towel after your shower. By using a Towel Warmer, you can gratify yourself with a warm dry towel. The functionality of this drying device is not limited to just drying of towels. You can use them in winter months for drying bathing suits, damp coats, jackets, mittens and other hand washable items. Although they are not used for heating the rooms, they are of great help in reducing the dampness in poorly ventilated bathrooms. Besides these advantages, towel warmers has various other advantages also. We are sure that while reading this, one question would definitely be haunting your mind- that of your electricity bill.

You would be thinking as towel warmers serve different purposes, buying one you would have to pay hefty amount electricity bill. This is not true. Unlike electric dryers, towel warmers use minimal electricity and also help you in cutting down your electricity bills. Further, it will help in reducing your laundry bills too.

At the Heater Store, you can view the details and all the features of the Warmrails towel. Here you can purchase them at great discounts. You too can now live the luxurious life of a rich man on a small budget. Try the new range of towel warmers that help you in having a nice, warm, dry towel. Believe us, the functional towel warmers add contemporary style to your bathroom. What are you waiting for, pick one of these Electric Towel Warmers and feel the difference.

Warmrails offer you with different types of towel warmers and towel racks. The various designs offered by them include the compact designed Towel Shelf Warmer , free standing/ wall mounted models, Towel Warmer Heatra Classic, etc. They are available in different finishes and configurations. As per your bathroom interior you can choose chrome, polished brass or satin nickel finish towel warmers. Browse the Heater Store, for more options.
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