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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Panel Heaters for Homes

During winters, heaters become an essential requirement. But with such a huge variety available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose which one to buy.

If you are planning to buy one, don't forget to keep in mind the usage that you are looking forward to. If you want to buy a heater for your bedroom or bathroom, you can try the Electric Panel Heaters. These heaters are economical and they don't make any noise. The panel heaters are very stylish and do not occupy much space. Installing these heaters is also very easy. One can choose from a Reflective Heater or a Radiant Heater.

The Heater Store has a panel heater that uses a new type of heating system. It is an electric radiant heater with remote control. This heater used both reflective and convection heating methods. It provides quick heating with the heat evenly distributed in the entire room. The heater gives the facility to set the heat level as desired. Its Economic Energy Saving Mode automatically reduces power consumption to one-third when the room has reached the desired temperature.

Loaded with so many features, the Radiant Panel Heaters are the right choice for homes with asthma patients or children. They do not produce any fumes, odor or stir any dust and so, are not uncomfortable for asthma patients. These heaters do not have any visible heating element and so, can be freely used with children around. Some of these heaters also come with an adjustable timer that automatically turns off the heater at the set time. This makes it all the more convenient as you don't have to worry even if the heater is left unattended.

So get ready to explore the heater market. Fight the biting cold with the heater of your choice.
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