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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heating Pads to Relieve Pain

Heating pads are very effective in relieving pain and offer good relaxation. How else would you think you can relieve pain? Probably by using ointments and swallowing medicines but then all of us preach that too much medicines are not good for the body.

This is where these Heating Pads work wonders. You don't have to take any medicine. All you need to do is tie the heating pad to the part of you body where you are experiencing pain. They use household current to operate and warm the area covered by the pad. This method facilitates the body to use its own mechanism to relief pain. The heat is localized in the area that needs treatment. This heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, thereby relieving pain.

There are many heating pads available in the market. You can choose a reliable one or try the one I use. I bought this one from the Heater Store. It is a Moist Heating Pad with Automatic Shut Off. It can be tied to the body part with the help of an attached belt. This heating pad has three settings that help you to set the heat according to your requirement or tolerance. It also has an automatic heat shut off that automatically cuts the heat once the set temperature is reached. This prevents overheating. The heating pad has an absorbent sponge for moist heating. It is machine washable so I don't have to worry if it gets dirty. All I do is put it in the machine and it is clean as before.

I got this heating pad with a five years warranty. The Heater Store has some other heating pads as well. You can look for one that suits your needs.
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