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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fire Pits for Outdoor Fun

Imagine a pleasant bonfire to warm you during the winters. Sounds good isn't it, so why not have one in your backyard? Are you worried about your yard getting dirty? Well, not any more. The Heater Store has some nice Outdoor Fire Pits available that help you enjoy a nice campfire without stealing the beauty of your backyard.

Some of the fire pits available include the Portable Fire Pits and the Folding Fire Pits. The Portable Fire Pits from Asia Direct are square, copper fire bowl pits. These are square fire pits that use wood as fuel for burning. They are made of hand wrought steel frame with powder coated material. They have a heavy gauze log grate which allows good airflow. This is necessary for proper burning of the wood.
Outdoor folding fire pits are also available. These fire pits are not only good for the backyard but can also be carried along for camping etc. Asia Direct offers a Folding Fire Pit with Carrying Case. It is a steel unit with steel stand and accessories. A copper fire pit is also available. It has a wrought iron finish. The folding fire pits have a net cover on top which is also made of steel. This cover prevents the fire particles from spreading outside the pit. The net thus makes the fire pit safe for use even with children around. These folding fire pits also come with a round, carrying case.

So what are you waiting for? Search the Heater Store for a suitable fire pit and enjoy your campfire.
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