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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chimneas- The New Style Icon

If you think your patio or backyard needs to be spruced up for your next party, how about adding a Chimnea instead of a conventional fireplace, to keep your guests warm? Chimneas are portable fire sources that resemble potbelly stoves. These regal, decorative fireplaces add comfort with their warmth as well as with the sound and scent of burning logs. With the ever-increasing popularity of these Outdoor Chimneas, you can stretch the summer and fall nights out in comfort, and enjoy the beauty of nature a little longer and a lot warmer!

There are numerous options available for Chimneas today in different kinds of exteriors. The Arctic CI-9001B cast iron Chimnea, for instance, would give a rugged ambiance to your patio or backyard. This model is crack-resistant and can retain heat for long periods. If you want more than simplicity, you can even opt for the Blue Rooster Butterfly Style Chimnea made of Cast Aluminum. This model is surely a work of art with beautiful butterfly designs on the body. This is a great gift to give to your loved ones! It includes excellent qualities of cast aluminum alloy construction, that require very little maintenance and is made to last for years of outdoor use.

On the other hand, if versatility is your domain, you might like the Blue Rooster Garden Style Chimnea constructed in Cast Aluminum. This model is light enough to be carried along on any of your outdoor trips. The rich Greek garden design features a beautiful hummingbird hovering over a garden rose. It is designed to be used as a fireplace, grill and even an oven when cooking with the top on. This Chimenea makes an excellent pizza, and even bakes great bread.

Chimneas are the perfect way to give your outdoor area a traditional, regal look. There's a large range of exquisite Chimneas at the Heater Store that guarantee to suit all kinds of needs. Investing in one of these stylish models is sure to win you a lot of appreciation, while keeping the outdoor atmosphere comfortably cozy.
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