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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Electric Reflective Heaters for Endless Warmth

Whether you're experiencing periodic chills in the spring or fall, or the cold of winter has invaded your home, consider visiting the Heater-Store.com to learn more about using electric reflective heaters to provide endless warmth!

You've heard it said that the sun's heat is reflective - the same theory applies to electric reflective heaters. This allows the units to continuously warm the areas in which they are used. Unlike other types of electric heaters, this style typically is noiseless as well as extremely energy efficient. Electric reflective heaters warm up quickly but are built to guard against overheating.

Did you know that exposure to sunlight can be very necessary to your physical health? Electric reflective heaters can provide that same benefit, allowing for improved circulation as well as healthy skin. Most electric reflective heaters are portable, as well, so you can bring your own personal sun along with you wherever you travel within your home.

Several varieties of electric reflective heaters are currently available. A panel heater is a flat and compact device that radiates heat off coils and the flat metallic back. A tower heater can be perfect if a wider area is to be heated - with coils forming a half circle, heat is radiated in more directions. A dual heater is just like a tower heater, but with two independent elements that can be used at different settings. And finally, there are electric reflective heaters that strongly resemble table fans - except instead of circulating cool air, they radiate warmth!

Visit the Heater-Store.com to learn more about electric reflective heaters!
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