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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Electric Radiant Heaters: Large Area Solution

Electric radiant heaters efficiently and effectively heat large spaces with equipment designed to fit nearly anywhere. Have you ever considered this heat source for your warming needs? Heater-Store.com has a wide variety of electric radiant heaters available to consider. As a method that warms objects and not air, it can be more appropriate to the large areas you want to heat than other forms of electric heaters.

How do electric radiant heaters work? Think about a metal object that spends an afternoon on a table on your patio, directly placed in sunlight. After sitting there for a few hours – no matter what the outside temperature is but as long as the sun has been shining – the metal object is hot to the touch. This is because it has been absorbing all of the heat from the sun – and because of its metallic properties, it is also reflecting that warmth back out. The warmth this object has taken in is not distributed back to the air around it, but pick it up and feel the table underneath – it’s warm to, isn’t it? This object has shared the heat it has absorbed with an object nearby.

Electric radiant heaters work similarly to that crude illustration. With these units, entire rooms – large rooms, at that – pick up on the heat that is generated and shared. Electric radiant heaters warm up quickly, and distribute that warmth evenly throughout whatever space they are placed in – because radiant heat is directed at objects and not air, the effect of hot air rising does not come into play, leaving low and high areas heated equally. Before making your next heating purchase, visit the Heater-Store to investigate the many options available, including electric radiant heaters.
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